VRACO was founded in 1975 by Ibrahim Vraco, who decided to start his own local business
in metal and roof construction with a vision to empower the region’s workforce through its
skilled know-how in metalwork.

His son, Mirsad Vraco,  who was involved in his father’s company from an early age, had
a vast understanding of the different materials, detailed knowledge of metals as well
as the entire production process.
In 1989, drawing from his father’s legacy, Mirsad launched a new company with a
modernized take on production.
Emina Vraco, Mirsad’s daughter, spent her childhood in Sweden, where she was profoundly
influenced by the Nordic sense of style and Sweden’s active use and promotion of regional
natural resources while respecting and protecting the environment.
She joined the company with the goal to make VRACO a design-led enterprise,
combining outstanding craftsmanship with timeless aesthetics. Her experience at the
Swedish Chamber of Commerce, where she was in charge of the Design and Furniture
department, gave her the opportunity to work closely with production facilities and
furniture professionals across Bosnia ​and Herzegovina to come up with exceptional designs
with impeccable ​quality. While collaborating up close with exceptional Bosnian artisans,
from stonemasons to woodcarvers she set out to make her mark with a clear vision:
merge Bosnia and Herzegovina’s long tradition in furniture making with elevated
contemporary aesthetics.

Together Mirsad and Emina decided to add to VRACO’s legacy by creating the STUDIO
VRACO brand, a collection of contemporary home interior design pieces born out of the
merging of natural materials, from metal to minerals and wood, with a passion for Bosnia’s
craftsmanship traditions.